Admissions Process

Admissions Process

CSLA Admissions Process

Thank you for your interest in CSLA!  We admit our students through an application process - first come, first-served.  You are welcome to submit an application at ANY time during the year (available on our website under Admissions) and your student's name will be placed on the wait list for their grade per the date the application was received.  Please read below for a more detailed explanation of our admissions process.


Children are admitted to Kindergarten at CSLA through a lottery process during the fall BEFORE they enter Kindergarten.  

**If you are interested in the lottery process for Kindergarten 2020-2021, please check back on this website in August.  We encourage families to set a "reminder" in their phone to check the website around the middle of August for updated information about the Kindergarten lottery process at CSLA and to email us with any questions they may have at  Thank you!**

  Orientation Meeting - A parent or step-parent must attend this evening where an overview of the school and our teaching philosophy is shared.  These meetings are not intended for children.  Attendance is required at only ONE of these meetings.  Applications will be given at the end of the night to parents who attended the meeting in its entirety.  Applications must be turned in that evening.  

2.  Lottery -  If your name is selected in the Top 50 draws, you will continue the admissions process.  Those drawn 51 and below will automatically be put on the wait list.

 CSLA Tour - If your lottery application is drawn in the Top 50, you will need to attend a school tour.  You will only need to attend one tour.  Sign-ups for tours will be emailed to the eligible applicants. 

4.  CSLA Parent Seminar - If you complete the tour and want to continue the admissions process, you'll need to attend a Parent Seminar. Sign-ups for Seminars will be emailed to the eligible applicants.

  Letters will be mailed in December to every family in the Top 50 who completed a tour AND a parent seminar.  The letter will either offer a Kindergarten seat or notify you that your student is on the wait list.  Seats are first given to siblings of current students and children of CSLA staff members.  Remaining seats will be filled from the lottery draw.  Each year the number of lottery seats available varies.

**IMPORTANT** - If you are interested in attending Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences on E. 3rd St. downtown, you will need to complete a separate admissions process for that school.  Please visit the CSAS website for more information.


We accept applications for other grades on a rolling basis throughout the year.  You can scan your completed application and email it the address on the application.  Currently there are lengthy wait lists for each grade at CSLA.  Our school building is full and unless a student exits CSLA, it is very difficult to have room for a new student.  Your application does not guarantee an offer of admission at any point.  You will receive an email in mid-January each year after you apply that offers you the choice to renew your application each year.  Simply click the sign-up link in your email from CSLA Admissions to confirm you want to keep your student active on the wait list.  Failure to do so by the stated deadline in the email will result in your application being removed from the wait list.

We are hopeful our future holds an expanded facility that will allow us to welcome many new families to our school!  If you have any questions about our admissions or our school, please feel free to email us at

Thank you for your interest in CSLA!

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