For Parents

Each family at CSLA is here by choice and agrees to several requirements. 

Volunteer Hours - Each family must submit a minimum of 18 volunteer hours each year.  At least HALF of the hours must be from activities other than a field trip.  If families have children at more than one HCDE Magnet School, the 18 hours must be split equally between the schools.  Parents, step-parents and grandparents are eligible to complete the required hours.  Deadline for hours to be completed is May 20, 2024. We value and appreciate our volunteers so much!

Parent/Teacher Conferences - Each family must attend two conferences a year for each of their students.   Sign-ups for conferences are done online and will be announced in advance for planning purposes.  

Field Studies and Curriculum- CSLA requires multiple field studies for each grade.  There are field trips, overnight trips, and week long camps depending on the grade level.  Although these have additional costs, through donations from PTA and Friends of CSLA, no child will be excluded due to financial restraints.  

The curriculum at CSLA is rigorous from day one of Kindergarten.  Parent involvement is crucial to ensure each student understands the expectations. Presentations, research projects, and seminars are just a few of the requirements for each student.  

Attendance - Parents are responsible for ensuring their students have good attendance and are at school on time each day.  Failure to adhere to the Magnet School attendance guidelines can jeopardize a child's seat at CSLA.

Our parents are a crucial part of CSLA's success.  The role they play as partner and supporter is invaluable.  We love and appreciate them!

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