CSLA Athletics

Middle and High school students have the opportunity to join CSLA sports teams. All sports follow the TSSAA and TMSAA guidelines. Participation is dependent upon the following:

  • ●  All students must submit a physical exam form signed by a physician before the student tries out, practices, or participates. Forms are required each year and cannot be done earlier than April 15, 2023 to be eligible for the 2023-2024 seasons. Students below 6th grade are not eligible.

  • ●  Students must meet all TSSAA and TMSAA eligibility requirements.

  • ●  The athletic participation fee must be paid before a student is permitted to participate on the team. The athletic registration fee is $75 per child. If your child plays football or wrestling at Tyner Middle School or Central High School, they are responsible for the Tyner athletic fee in addition to our CSLA athletic fee.

  • ●  Individual teams will charge a team fee as set by the coach. The team fees will be published by the coach at the beginning of each season.

  • ●  Newly enrolled students who have previously participated in varsity level athletics may not participate the first year enrolled unless the Executive Director of TMSAA and/or TSSAA grants permission by approving a hardship.

  • ●  Any student who repeats a grade is not eligible until he/she reaches the next higher grade, with the exception of students repeating the 8th grade. These students are not eligible to participate in the 9th grade.

  • ●  In order to try out for an athletic team, students must be passing. If students are making up work that has not yet been entered into PowerSchool by their teacher, they may attend tryouts. However, the student may not make the team with an F.

  • ●  Students with grades that drop to an F during the season have two weeks to show progress and effort to improve the F. If no progress/effort is made then the student will be benched. Tutoring will take precedence over practice or play during this probationary period.

  • ●  Students who fail any subject in a nine-week grading period are not eligible to participate in athletics for the next nine-week grading period. Any student failing a subject in the final nine-week grading period must attend and satisfactorily complete summer school to become eligible for fall athletics in the upcoming school year.

  • ●  Students who have 2 or more Fs are immediately benched until grades improve.

  • ●  Student athletes must be present at school a minimum of 1⁄2 day to be eligible for practice or competition on that day.


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