Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are vital to the continued success of CSLA - we can't make it without you!  Please be sure to read the description of each opportunity so that it is something you can and are willing to help with.  These sign-ups ensure that needs are met and work is prepared to make your volunteer time more efficient and effective.

Click on any of the opportunities below to sign up!

Collect Car Rider Numbers - (All Year - WEEKLY Commitment) Arrive at school by 3:40 to gather numbers from cars in the dismissal line.  Earn 15 min/day for time volunteered.
Clean School Grounds - (Weekends in Feb/March) Come anytime during the weekend and clean up the school yard!  Bring a trashbag and gloves and put your trash in the dumpster by the Cafeteria.  Please pay special attention to parking lots, playground and areas around the school building.  
Lunch Line Help - (Feb 18-28)  We need help serving students food in the lunch line as we are short workers in the Cafeteria.  This is a great way to interact with the kids and provide a huge service to the ladies down there.  
Disinfect Classrooms at Lunch - (Feb 18-27)  Can you wipe down classrooms to keep kids healthy?  Gloves and supplies will be provided for you.
Volunteer During the Day - (Feb 18-28)  Come to school to do all sorts of things - bring your flexibility and willingness to help however is needed!

Amazon Gift Cards
- (No sign up - donate anytime!) CSLA is now offering our families the opportunity to earn volunteer hours through the donation of Amazon Gift Cards.  Please read the attached guidelines before donating.  Thanks for your support!  Amazon Gift Card Guidelines.docx

Your required hours must be completed by a parent, step-parent or grandparent.  All hours are due by 4:30pm on Thursday, April 30, 2020.



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